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The Top 5 Business Books I Read In 2018

I read a lot of books. I used to work in book publishing, and reading manuscripts and newly published books was part of my job. Sadly I no longer get books for free (unless I borrow them from the library!) but I still love reading. Last year I read mostly fiction, as it’s my preferred genre. I like anything I can escape with that’s fiction, fantasy, crime or even children’s fiction. However, I also read some non-fiction and these are my top picks related to business. I hope they inspire and motivate you to get your own reading groove on in 2019…

Top 5 Business Books I Read In 2018

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What Keeps Me Creative

Often, I’m full of inspiration. Positively brimming with ideas and bursts of creative genius! But sometimes, just sometimes, it can be hard to rustle up the enthusiasm required to create a piece of content, or think of a tagline, or design an inspiring image. That’s where my creative touchstones come into play – those things I do, places I go to, sites I visit that help me get my creative groove back on. And here they are…

what keeps me creative

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