The Best Way To Use Instagram Hashtags

I’ve been using Instagram for both myself and my clients for the past 5 years, and boy has it changed a LOT in the past few years. I’ve had to educate myself in how to use hashtags effectively, and what content gets the most engagement for different clients. Here are my tips on how to use hashtags on Instagram to best effect.

The Best Way To Use Instagram Hashtags

Using Hashtags for Instagram makes your content more discoverable.

Hashtags are a way of categorizing content. Through the use of hashtags, new content or related content can be easily categorized together for ease of accessing by the intended audience. Instagram designed their platform with the idea that hashtags were an easy way to search for content and curate the content you wanted to see.

You don’t need to use 30 hashtags in every post.

Sometimes, less is more. The more hashtags you use on Instagram, the more engagement you see — up to a point. TrackMaven reports that 9-12 hashtags generate the highest engagement levels. So it’s best to use 10 or so hashtags, but make them quality.

Study your competitors and top influencers to find the best hashtags.

Why reinvent the wheel? To find the best hashtags, use the search function to see what your audience, competitors, and industry leaders are using. Bonus tip: pay attention to the number of likes the first images received.

Make sure your hashtags are relevant.

People can see through the superficial use of hashtags. Yes, #MAFS might be trending, but it’s hardly relevant to your brand if your brand has nothing to do with reality TV or any of the people on the show. Plus, due to the 2017 Instagram “shadowban” (users’ posts were hidden if they seemed spammy) and the 2018 algorithm update, you should only use hashtags that are relevant to your brand or post.

Use trending hashtags and tie them back to your company.

You will get more engagement if your Instagram post relates to what your audience wants to read about. Use the keyword search tools to find out the interesting topics relating to your products. Then use the information to decide or settle on the most closely related trending hashtag.


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