Instagram Power by Jason Miles – A Book Review

I’ve been on a business book reading binge recently, and this one landed on my desk sent from an ex-colleague. It’s a guide to building your business on Instagram, and walks you through it. From setting up your account, monetizing and integrating Instagram into your marketing strategy, it’s all covered. This is a great guide to a single social media platform which really hones in on what it takes to make a success of Instagram. Read my full review below…

Instagram Power by Jason Miles

Instagram Power is a great book for those just starting out on Instagram, but veterans can also learn a few things. The book is broken down into 5 parts:

1. Prep for success

Covering the basics of choosing a profile name and setting up your profile, this part of the book is brilliant for beginners. These chapters ensure your profile is top notch before you branch out into creating content. TOP TIP: The chapter on mastering hashtags is super useful.

2. Organise your message

This part of the book is excellent for clarifying your theme and visual style. I tend to change up my visual style every now and then (I get bored easily haha!) but there is a lot  to be said for keeping a consistent look and feel on your account. This also ties in with branding. TOP TIP: Getting into a daily or weekly routine of Like-Comment-Respond is a brilliant idea! Do this!

3. Wow them with effective marketing

Covering topics including copywriting, buying triggers, running competitions and selling, this section of the book is full of great ideas. TOP TIP: If your business qualifies to use Shoppable Tags (find out here), make sure you create a Shop Catalogue on Facebook.

4. Expand with advertising and influencers

Exploring your advertising options on Instagram is so important, so this section is a must-read. Working with influencers is not for everyone, and you have to make sure you’re using that relationship to your benefit. I remain on the fence about the use of Influencers. TOP TIP: If you do use Influencers, give them Calls to Action that you want them to use. That way you’re getting the direct value you need.

5. Refine your Instagram efforts

There are many resources out there to help you in your Instagram marketing efforts. From Canva to Hootsuite, Boomerang to Instatag, the most popular and useful options are listed here. TOP TIP: Also check out the great podcast recommendations in this section.

There’s something for beginners and experts in this little gem, so if you’re interested in focusing on Instagram, add Instagram Power to your reading list.

Yours in digital,