How can traditional advertising and social media work together?

There’s a lot of focus on online marketing and promotion these days, and certainly for some industries that means less of a focus on traditional, offline advertising. I’m talking about things like in-store advertising, brochures, direct mail and mass media advertising like newspaper and billboard advertising. But online and offline can complement each other – they don’t have to be completely separate beasts. In fact, your traditional advertising can support your online advertising, and lend your social media more chutzpah. Here’s how traditional advertising and social media can work together…

Traditional advertising and social media

Promote your social media profiles EVERYWHERE

This includes on any billboard, newspaper or transit advertising you might undertake. Remember that with mobile phone and tablet technology and free Wi-Fi¬†often available, people can ‘Like’ your Facebook page or follow you on Instagram anytime, anywhere.

Provide incentives to follow you online

Running competitions, or offering value-off promotions (e.g. in the case of a food retailer – buy a snack pack, get a free small drink if you like our Facebook page and check-in) encourages people to interact with you online.

The importance of images

A brilliant offline advertising campaign can translate well to the online space. Using images creatively can enhance your social media profiles, particularly Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

Whether your business chooses to focus on online or offline advertising, or a combination of both, it’s important that your brand message is consistent across the board.

Yours in digital,