Book Review: Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen

How can your business stand out and make an impact on social media? You need to create content that people relate to and that isn’t pushy or too sales-focused. In other words, be ‘likeable’. That’s where Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen comes in. A¬†hugely useful book about how to delight your customers and create an irresistible brand, this is a good guide to how to excel on social media.

Likeable Social Media

I was lucky enough to be sent this book by an ex-colleague in the publishing industry, and I found it to be a great refresher guide as to what I’m trying to achieve by using social media to promote my client’s businesses.

Chapters cover topics like how important it is to listen to your customers, respond and be authentic. Providing value and sharing stories, as well as inspiring customers and how to integrate social media into the entire customer experience are also detailed.

Some really useful ‘light bulb moments’ I took away from Likeable Social Media include:

It’s not about you. It’s about your customers.

What can you provide that is useful to your customers? Why would your customers want to visit your Facebook page, and ultimately your website? What have you given to them that is of value? It may be a fabulous recipe if you’re a food-based company. Or it may be a video of someone doing some cool tricks if you’re a skateboarding company. It really pays to think like your target market to determine what they will think is valuable.

Just be real.

Being authentic on social media, no matter the platform, is essential. People can see through fakeness, and their opinion of your company will be affected if they think you’re fake or posting scripted content on social media. If you make mistakes, own up to them. Above all, be authentic.

Don’t sell!

This is a bit of a scary proposition to some business owners. But Dave argues that people expect to connect and engage on social media BEFORE they buy anything. So you can still sell to them on Facebook, but first you need to show them why they need your product or business. Building a relationship with them by understanding how they think and their buying process is the first step.

Everyone and everything is part of word-of-mouth marketing

From your CEO down to your customer service team, everyone in your organisation who talks to customers has an opportunity to create a word-of-mouth experience. If you harness those within your organisation that have the most enthusiasm, you can create a social media-friendly culture that ensures the people that work for you are also your social media brand advocates.

Share stories.

It’s important to have a personalised social media profile, and not just appear to be another company trying to sell something. Sharing personal stories – why your company was founded, what your motivation was, who works at your organisation, etc. – is a brilliant way to encourage engagement, create likeable content and also show the world you are human.

Respond to positive and negative comments equally

Some organisations don’t respond to negative reviews or comments on social media. Some do respond, but due to the number of comments or reviews, they may only respond to the negative. But it’s just as important to respond to the positive reviews and comments, as this can help you build loyalty and brand ambassadors. Each organisation must decide for themselves how they will respond to positive and negative comments and reviews, but it’s essential to respond in some way.

You need to spend money on Facebook advertising

Organic reach just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Even starting with a small budget is fine, as long as you really refine your target market and set the audience for your campaign carefully. Facebook is fabulous for this – targeting geographically, based on demographic data or interests is totally achievable.

There are so many more nuggets of wisdom to be found in this book – it’s a good one to keep on the bookshelf and refer to later. Likeable Media (the author’s company) also has a great Facebook page that’s worth liking and following for….that’s right, Likeable content!

I’d love to find out what your ideas are for being more ‘likeable’ on social media. Feel free to comment or send me an email.

Yours in digital,