2016 Sensis Social Media Report

The Sensis Social Media Report for 2016 was published last week, to much relief from Social Media and Community Managers around Australia. This report is an annual survey of 800 consumers, 1,000 small & midsize businesses and 100 large businesses on how they use social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter in Australia, and there are some hugely useful learnings from this year’s report. Here are my highlights from the report…

Sensis social media report 2016

Image credit: www.sensis.com.au

Facebook is the most popular social media platform

95% of consumers and businesses use Facebook, with the average user now spending more than 12.5 hours per week on the platform (up from 8.5 hours last year).

Instagram doesn’t feature in the top 3 social media platforms for business

Businesses are most likely to have a Facebook presence (89% of small, 79% of medium and 89% of large businesses), followed by Twitter (24% of small, 43% of medium and 61% of large businesses) or LinkedIn (22% of small, 56% of medium and 59% of large businesses).

In terms of advertising, Facebook is where it’s at

61% of large businesses paid to advertise on Facebook, versus only 20% of small businesses. LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are all gaining traction as channels for advertising, but Facebook is the standout.

Businesses are onboard with social media

The number of businesses with a social media presence jumped this year in every category, up from 31% to almost half (48%) for small & midsize businesses and from 56% to over three quarters (79%) for large businesses.

There are so many great chunks of info in this report, these are just the top line take aways. Read the full report here. Social media is an exciting world to be working in, and the constant change makes it a dynamic and ever-evolving industry. Reports like this one help give social media and community managers a guide as to where people are spending time online, and they also help businesses focus on the channels that will get them the most bang for their buck.

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