Business tasks you can easily outsource

If you’re a business owner, you’ll know first-hand that managing every element of your business without help is basically impossible. Most business owners have an accountant, but not all business owners have the ready cash to invest in hiring a full time marketing manager, graphic designer, admin assistant or website designer. This is where outsourcing business functions to freelancers works well. Taking a look at your business and seeing where you can outsource marketing and admin functions to free up your time to actually do the work of the business can be life changing. Here’s how you can figure out what you can outsource to others…

Business tasks you can easily outsource

Admin tasks

These are often the best tasks to start outsourcing, as they’re the easiest (but often most time-consuming). From diary and calendar management to invoicing and emailing clients, administrative tasks are easy to pass on to freelancers or virtual assistants, once you’ve done the initial instruction in how to manage them.


Under the Marketing umbrella you can put promotions, advertising, graphic design and social media management. All of these functions are easily outsourced to professionals who specialise only in these tasks, and using a freelancer for a few hours a week or month means you get their experience at a fraction of the price of employing them full-time. Once you give them a good understanding of your brand and your customer profile, and brief them clearly on each project, these creative tasks will be off your mind.

Website updates & management

If you have a WordPress site, you will find many people who are able to manage your website updates, add promotions to the site, create and add blog posts and generally keep your site ticking over with accurate and fresh content. You have the option to choose a web developer here, or more of a general virtual assistant, depending on the complexity of your website and how often you want to update it.


If you’re looking for help in social media, online marketing, copywriting or website management, I can help you out. Contact me for a free chat and we can see if we’ll be a good fit for your business.

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