5 Easy Marketing Wins For Small Businesses

Are you running a small business? If you are, my guess is your marketing budget is pretty small. Most of your cash will go into producing the product you create, or crafting content for the service you sell. With that in mind, I thought a blog post about some easy marketing activities you can do that don’t cost the earth would be a good idea. Here you go…

5 Easy Marketing Wins For Small Businesses

1. Flyers distributed in your local area

Whether it’s through a letterbox drop or giving handfuls of flyers to your local cafe, this is a simple one. You can use a free design tool like Canva, or you can get a graphic designer to whip you up a one page document that you can get printed and hand out yourself. It’s a good idea to promote a special offer e.g. “Get a free ABC when you book this month”, as it’s an added incentive for people to get in contact with you. Make sure your contact details and social media profiles are listed clearly so people can follow up with you.

2. Writing for local publications

Whether you market yourself as a children’s sleep specialist or the area’s best real estate agent, writing print or website content that helps showcase your skills and sets you up as a trusted expert is a good idea. And if someone needs your services, chances are they’ll remember you more than your competitors because your profile is out there.

3. Updating social media channels regularly

This is a must. There’s no use having a Facebook page for your business if you never update it. In actual fact it’s a negative, because people will see you not making an effort and think if you can’t even be bothered to make an effort in marketing your business, how will you make an effort for them as a client. Simply posting regularly (a couple of times a week), posting content that is relevant and engaging, linking back to your website or online store and responding to social media enquiries in a timely manner will ensure that your business is on track with social media marketing.

4. Going to local networking events

Most cities and many regional areas have local Chambers of Commerce or Business Networking Groups, and it’s a good idea to tap into those organisations. I’m not going to lie, some of these events can feel awkward and downright painful sometimes, but if you meet one person you connect with on a personal or professional level you could find new clients coming your way or a professional partnership blossoming.

5. Blogging

Writing regular blogs for your own website is a must for many reasons (read some of them here). It’s also a good idea to reach out to other websites that complement your product and service, and offer to guest blog for them. Creating valuable content that helps your clients will always be useful, and what better way to showcase that content than with a blog.


Yours in digital,